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Exp Rainbow

Rainbow Science


The rainbow is one of the most beautiful that nature provides the Secretary. In fact, their beauty has inspired countless people in many fairy tales, songs and legends, is so amazing. It has most of the writers behind the stories is entirely a good bet to be a magic show by the rainbow effect - most people are like today. However, the science of the rainbow is really very simple. This is just basic optics!

In the rectum of the rainbow is the refraction process. Refraction is the "bending" of light. If you're wondering how to bend light, it is a good question. It is to change the direction of the end is probably more accurate. When the light to travel from one medium to another, the direction of change, but most of the people see "bending." This problem occurs because of light travel at different speeds in other media.

To understand why light bends just went grocery shopping with a parent Imagine Cart is pushing the cart to the cart return "area, so you in the parking lot of a shopping cart pushing and parking for one" medium "is the speed of the cart, if you exert a constant force. the through travel, it depends on the medium - in this case, the pavement surface of the parking lot "

Now, I suppose, and in the parking lot next to the grass area that you decided to do a bit of a detour to go through. What happens when you push the cart out of the parking lot, the grass in the area, what happens? Lawn cart the other is the "middle". Grass medium because it provides more resistance, you are right on the grass, pushing a cart, the cart is simply speed. Takes more energy to move a shopping cart.

But you pushing a cart on the grass at an angle, something else happened when the right wheels for the first time to query the pool. While on the road, the left wheel will slow down the speed of the right wheel, left wheel some more move to the right wheel is moving more quickly because it has a pool and cart to the right changes. You when you move the angle from the lawn area, paved areas, wheel speed and another before the cart turns on.

Similarly, a beam of light is when you enter the glass peurijeumreul. Simplification, but it think this way: other, so before the beam at the boundary between air and glass, lightwave side down slows. One another before it's shut down when the prism because of the speed of (some of the light is actually reflecting prism surface, but most of the pass). Is light again.

In addition, the overall bending light, a prism to separate white light into component colors. Has it different frequencies travel at different speeds, causing different colors of light when they move through the problem.


Move more slowly in the glass when delivered to the air in the glass, the speed difference is more serious because the colors bend more sharply. Will it bend less sharply on the glass more quickly because there are a lot of moving color and does not slow down. People to pass through the glass into this way of colors that make white light are separated depending on the frequency. Prism, as shown in the glass bends the light twice, if you than the easily distinguished colors can be seen. This is called distributed.

Droplets of rainwater as a prism and refract light in a manner to be distributed. The right conditions, this refraction to form a rainbow.

Earth Science About Weather Clouds Rainbow


The rainbow is caused by a very small water drops to pass through the sun's rays.

Mini mujigaeeul a good spray with a garden hose if you can create your own reasons.

Fire rainbow:

Clouds of ice crystals necessary for this rare event in the appropriate amounts, cirrus, and in the air, at least 20,000 feet must. The sun is exactly 58 degrees in the cloud can be exploited.

fire rainbow

Add A Realistic Rainbow To A Photo With Photoshop

This Photoshop effects tutorial, we can easily add photos, rainbow, even a double rainbow that you will learn how! Prepared rainbow gradient and we will see, Photoshop ships us. Find out where we can find and we also must perform we have a more realistic double rainbow effect to create and how to learn how to flip the order of the colors in the gradient bosipsioheul inch load. Unless, of course, to begin with the right kind of image of the most photo effects, it helps. In this case, the outdoor shooting photos is a good place to start. Landscape photographs taken after rain storm, if Recent version of this tutorial will use Photoshop CS5, but works.

Here's the photo I'll be starting with:

The original photo. Image licensed from iStockphoto by Photoshop
The original image.
Here's what the image will look like after adding a double rainbow:

The final Photoshop double rainbow photo effect. Image © 2010 Photoshop
The final rainbow effect.
Let's get started!


Double rainbow and supernumerary rainbows on the inside of the primary arc. The shadow of the photographer's head on the bottom marks the centre of the rainbow circle (antisolar point).

Droplets in the Earth's atmosphere as a result of the spectrum of the rainbow appear in the sky, the light, which is caused by the reflection of light from an optical and meteorological phenomenon. It takes the form of multi-colored arc.
Caused by sunlight always a rainbow appears in the section of the sun across the sky.

from inside the arc in the "rainbow" primarary red and purple outer part is displayed. When you leave, and following on the back of the droplet internal reflected rainbow is caused by light that is refracted again while entering the water droplet refractive

Double rainbow outside the primary arc, second arc can be seen that the order of the colors in a rainbow pointing towards the other red one was reversed. The second droplets inside the double rainbow is caused by reflected light.

Rainbows can form in mist, such as that of a waterfall

Rainbow with a faint reflected rainbow in the lake

Rainbow after sunlight bursts through after an intense shower in Maraetai, New Zealand

Circular rainbow seen while skydiving over Rochelle, Illinois

Number of colours in spectrum or rainbow

Spectra obtained using a point source and a glass prism, is a continuation of the wavelength band. The number of colors that the human eye can be distinguished in this spectrum is of the order of 100. Thus, the Munsell color system (on the same stage on the human visual perception system of the 20th century, the numeric description for color) 100 colors are separated. However, the human brain tends to divide them into a small number of basic colors to merit. The apparent discreteness of the default color is the stuff of the human brain. Red, yellow, green, blue and purple: Newton originally (1672) the five basic color spectrum is divided. Is later likened to the notes of the musical scale to the number of seven primary colors, with orange dye. Munsell color system, remove the orange and dye again returned to the five basic colors. Somewhat arbitrary choice of the exact number of the primary color on human will.