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Rainbow Cake Art Party

Anyone dare to use all the colors of the rainbow for their wedding? I have several items the color of the wedding the last time you saw last year on the cover of Martha Stewart wedding cake graced the symbol of a butterfly must. Party cakes and cupcakes with this art inspired by absolute power set of're invited to do a variety of colors and plenty of pizazz. I think it couples the right kind of ... You can imagine that can be done for any machangajieul for modern wedding?

Butterfly Rainbow Cake by flickr


I'm drooling on cloud 9… a cute rainbow cake! by superdupercute

Awww ... I want to eat the cake. I wish someone like me (hint hint, Mom?) Cake bake bread.

Shades called "Apple by Rainbow Cake" What a great design, blue icing white clouds decorating a hidden tiny marshmallows, if would be nice.

Cakes, Baby BE!
rainbow cake

Cake Wrecks: Rainbow Sunday Sweets by upontherainbow

Of cake wrecks this post was published in the Sunday Sweets section provides a variety of rainbow cake. Sunday Sweets wrecky cake is beautiful! Cake wrecks, go to your post, where they found is click on the image.

Rilrieul for the beautiful cake!

Rainbow Brite Twink!

A pair of St. Pat’s cakes:

Sunday Sweets post with all the colors of the rainbow cake on time!

Cake Wrecks: The Rainbow Edition

More than wrecky rainbow cake cake wrecks. Which is the best? Or should I say that is the worst one?

The following is one of those hideous cupcake cake!

Gallery of Rainbow Cakes
Few years, I've found some gorgeous rainbow cake. To know the location of one of these images, please let me know if you add links.


Valentine Heart Rainbow Cake by upontherainbow

Valentine's Day cake nanpaseonneun for Sunday sweets again through rainbow heart cake.

Cake Wrecks: Rainbow Sunday Sweets Part 3
This amazing cake iced by hand to create the colors of all the amazing graduation! This cake wreck 'Sunday Sweets feature.

Rainbow Cupcakes made with Airheads Xtremes
How amazing cupcakes blue sky of a Airheads Xtremes and foot belt of rainbow.

Cake Wrecks: Rainbow Sunday Sweets Part 2
Our luck cake wreck Sunday Sweets post boot all colors of the rainbow, rainbow cake cake is equipped!

Rainbow Cake with Natural Dyes by upontherainbow

If you love the rainbow cake trend, but are concerned about the food coloring ingredient in, have no fear! You can create your own natural dyes, a beautiful rainbow cake.

Pots of Gold

Cute cupcakes, unconventional people using the back of a Airheads Xtremes foot rainbow belt.

Double Rainbow Cupcakes
These double rainbow frosting and rainbow cupcakes rainbow marzipan inside!

Rainbow Cheesecake !
A slight twist on the traditional rainbow cake, brings us a recipe for this rainbow cheesecake! Looks delicious!

Rainbow For Birthday Cake by upontherainbow

Can I have this lovely cake for my birthday?

House Cake With Secret Rainbow
Secret rainbow cake interior this house, how neat!

Ultimate Rainbow Cake

This just may be most rainbowy rainbow cake ever!

Coolest Somewhere over the Rainbow Cake by coolest-birthday-cakes

Homemade Somewhere over the Rainbow Cake 
Homemade Somewhere over the Rainbow Cake
My daughter has her "rainbow somewhere" because he threw a third birthday party, but want to determine the half-ideas, Dorothy or the Wizard of Oz, and no I did not want to. Roll.

Up to stand with Royal Icing rainbow cake on top of it, I have decided to I pipe it directly on the cake you intend to For a rainbow cake to fit three bands 8 "in the pattern, but found in some blotting paper under the pattern and to raise the pipe Royal Icing recipe I am also using one of them in the bankruptcy case has several rainbow let them dry for two days. found.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Rainbow Doodle Birthday Cake by sweetapolita

I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with parties, family, and friends. I know we sure did! We celebrate Easter and the 4th anniversary of our little Reese. On Saturday we went to "The County," where Grant grew, to visit his father (grandfather), stepmother Kathy (Grammy), and family farms. It's a neat situation, because it is home grown in Grant, who on the same property as (Poppy) his grandfather's house, so when we go with the kids, there are so many for them to see and do. With Easter and Reese's birthday falls on the same weekend this year (rare), we decided it would be nice to celebrate in the County, Saturday. When Reese and I were talking about ideas birthday cake, we thought it would be a good time to make a brilliant rainbow cake.
When I first saw Reese Rainbow Cake Kid on the Beat blog, he fell in love with it, and rightfully so-this cake is a dream come true boy with 6 vibrant rainbow colored layers and tons of buttercream! Kaitlin blog filled with delicious cakes and treats, photos, and helpful clues cake, and if you have not, you really should check it out! As a girl cake itself, I must tell you that I think it's a rainbow cake discovery of the possibility of a layer of the cake design genius in the history of cake. She is amazing she-a 20-year-old student at Michigan State University who happens to be a baker's super-bright, enthusiastic and talented / blogger, and more. If you do not believe me, ask Martha Stewart who has Kaitlin him on the show to demonstrate the manufacture of the Rainbow Cake!

I told Kaitlin that I think the fact that she left her Rainbow Cake white buttercream on the outside is complete brilliance and perfect execution. I'm tempted to do it too, but I think it would be fun to let Reese exterior design your own cake, so I covered the cake with buttercream Rainbow some white fondant, cold overnight, and then submit a packet of Food Color AmeriColor Markers (below)-again, a dream come true for children artsy and creative as he is infinite. I ordered this pen some time ago, and vowed that someday he could be the color of the cake itself. He was so excited that he even sketched some ideas on paper with regular markers, so that he was ready and prepared (this is so that my child). The first thing he did was to write his first name, then the full name, then the number 4. Then he thought about it, and did whatever he wanted until the cake is full of doodles. My personal favorite is the rainbow and a big yellow sun. Would not it be nice to make a matching sugar cookies covered in white fondant, and let the kids decorate their own cookie at a birthday party? Or even write the names of guests in luxurious cookie as a place card. So much fun!

What I really love about this cake is the element of surprise and wow-factor, when the first cut and served. There are literally a few gasping sounds at the table when they see the inside of the rainbow, and the child in me could not be more in love with a layer of the rainbow (the tween in the 80's, what can I say). This cake is made ​​with a split vanilla cake batter and coloring using color gel (I use the recipe below, but any vanilla butter cake will work fine) and baking in a separate pan for 15 minutes each. This process is really a nice change for me and Reese helped the color all the batter bowl. This part of the "Alyea" on it makes me smile, I guess that's one way to claim your part! I think I might start doing that here. The cake itself was delicious, and I just adore Lemon Meringue Buttercream Swiss, so it is a perfect addition to vanilla cake and vanilla fondant. So with all that buttercream decadent beautiful!

Here's a recipe for Rainbow Cake followed by my version of how-to for Doodle Cakes:
Rainbow Doodle Birthday Cake         
        {click here for printable recipe}
Rainbow Cake via Whisk Kid
White Cake (but not really)
2 sticks (226 g) butter, room temp
2 1/3 c (466 g) sugar
5 egg whites, room temp
2 teaspoons vanilla
3 c (375 g) all-purpose flour
4 tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
1 1/2 c (355 g) milk, warmed for 30 sec in microwave to bring to room temp
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple food coloring GEL. Fluid will not live enough!

Preheat oven to 350F degrees. Oil and outline how ever many 9 "cake pan you have (I have three and I just re-use them).

Sift together flour, baking powder and salt. Set aside.

Cream sugar and butter, then add egg whites (I cracked them all into one bowl) and add a little at a time. Add vanilla and stir until mixed. Then, alternating between wet and dry, add milk and flour mixture in two parts.

Divide batter among 6 bowls (I do weight Weigh your bowl before you start adding the ingredients and then reduce the weight of the bowl of the final measurement after the batter is finished. For that number by six and add that weight. Dough to the bowl of each), and then whisk enough appropriate food color into each bowl. Keep in mind that the color of unbaked dough will be the color of baked dough. Pour into pan and bake for 15 minutes each.

When you remove from oven, let them rest on a cooling rack, in pan for ten minutes. Then flip, cover and store in refrigerator to cool quickly.
Lemony Swiss Meringue Buttercream
To fill and crumb coat:
9 egg whites
1 ¾ c (350 g) sugar
4 sticks (454 g) of butter, room temp
2 tsp lemon extract
To frost:
5 egg whites
1 c (200 g) sugar
2 sticks (227 g) butter, room temp
1 tsp lemon extract
Cook the egg whites and sugar in small saucepan over medium heat, whisking steadily, until sugar is completely dissolved (test by rubbing some between your fingers if it's really smooth, it is done.). Pour into another bowl (stand mixer is better) and whip on high speed until room temperature. Then, the medium-slow speed, add butter, waiting until each is fully incorporated before adding the next. Once all the butter has been added, turn the mixer back to high speed and whip until it has come together, about five minutes. Add extract, lightly beaten, and then used.

If the buttercream seems thick after all the butter is added and did not come together after the whipping, chill for 5 to 7 minutes and continue whipping until it becomes smooth and workable.


Stack layers for your choice and fill and frost cake as you do more.

Sweetapolita Notes for Doodle Cakes & How-To:

A. For tips and tricks to make Meringue Buttercream Swiss, both Kaitlin and I have to post about this, so much info!

Swiss Meringue Buttercream Demystified and Swiss Meringue Buttercream How to Make

2. You might find my previous post 50 Tips for Better Baking Cakes help with this cake (and hopefully others).

3. I was worried at first that I somehow made the layer is too thin, but they are perfect, so do not panic when they seem almost like a pancake! Once you accumulate 6 of the layers and all that buttercream, cake is the perfect height. Mine was about 4.5 "high. Use a 9-inch, 1/4" thick cake boards when building the cake.

4. To create a doodle cake, buttercream cake covered in white fondant and chill overnight. You will need about 2 lbs, 3 oz of fondant for cake 9 "round 5" high. Remove cake from refrigerator and let the kids (or anyone) color all over the cake using Color AmeriColor Food Markers (below). Place cake back in the freezer every 15 minutes or more, if it begins to soften before the child is complete (if not, you will get a dent in the cake). It's also fun to have everyone sign a birthday party cakes, write messages, draw, etc!

5. You can save the finished cake in the refrigerator, but serve at room temperature or the buttercream will not be quite soft and the flavors that will not come through as intended. I usually take the kind of fondant-covered cake from refrigerator about 6 hours before serving. Just a note will dent very easy cake when ready to serve, so avoid touching the cake itself.

6. As an alternative to cake craft kids, you might want to Chocolate Peanut Butter Jelly paintable & Cakes.

You can buy a marker Food Color AmeriColor here:

*A note about the rainbow cake colours: I used AmeriColor electric gel colours to get such vibrant hues in the cake while adding minimal colouring. Here are the colours I used and links to find them:
Electric Purple AmeriColor Gel Colour – Electric Purple – 4 oz
Electric Blue AmeriColor Gel Colour – Electric Blue – 4 oz
Electric Green AmeriColor Gel Colour – Electric Green – oz
Electric Yellow AmeriColor Gel Colour – Electric Yellow – 4 oz
Electric Orange AmeriColor Gel Colour – Electric Orange – 4 oz
Super Red AmeriColor Gel Colour – Super Red – 4 oz
Good luck & enjoy!

Rainbow Cupcakes – Cute Cupcakes by hawaiikawaii

These rainbow candy cupcakes are so creative, yummy and cute!

Cupcakes with sky frosting and a candy rainbow and clouds on.

Rainbow Cake Again by hawaiikawaii

A layerd cake in rainbow colors

You know I love rainbow cakes… here is another one, yum, yum, yum. Previous rainbow cakes on Hawaii Kawaii can be seen here: Rainbow Cake.

Rainbow Cake by incrediblethings

Sometimes it does not have a cake shaped like a pirate or a dragon to be extraordinary. Sometimes cookies can only be a good layer cake with plain white frosting that you created for a friend. This cake may look like ordinary white cake on the outside, but when you make your first cut soon realize that it's actually zaniest cake you've ever seen. Made with 6 layers of rainbow cake is probably the only one we've ever seen it more beautiful once you cut into it. This recipe is available on the Beat the Kid so you can create your own super rainbow cake you Epic!

How to Make A Rainbow Cake! by omnomicon

So, I in my previous article, but did not mention anything about health and diet food and / or, this recipe is the latter, to be confused with what it was should not be the first. I posted about cake of the rainbow, where it is if the distraction and colorful, the people it is not well, have a lot of traffic on the LiveJournal of my cool thing that everyone, because what you problems "recipe" What they want is that I think.

This will provide me the option to use the trick of one-point Weight Watchers old cake. I made the frosting itself unless, and I'm making a cake. A little. I've seen it done before, I swear it first!

This cake is suitable for various occasions.

Children's birthday
Your mother's birthday
Conservative parents out
If you are a lesbian, they are your work will be glad that it is not to eliminate the kitchen of your woman.
If you are a gay man is the type of cake to make for parents, they probably told you anyway.
Your mother's birthday to conservative parents out
CD release party jam band of friends

. . . So, I'm sure You can find a use in this recipe soon.

Of course, you can use a white cake recipe you want. Because it has a delusion of someday wearing a size 2 I, I'm only way to make them.

Double up as a recipe taken here: help me and, ah! At the bottom of the recipe is accurate, are made for a really small cake, frosting nearly enough lighter that does not take into account the particular, do not have.

Now, on top of the material.
how to: rainbow cake! 

That's it. Note the lack of fat in here? Mmmmmm. . . chemicals. Although I do not need to defend my method thanks to the double aspect of dub (WW), even when I make a "real" cake I usually use box mix because let's face it: Betty's been doing it way longer than I have, and have pretty much perfecting the art.


can of soda (12 oz)
2-12 oz cans of soda into the

cake mix
two boxes of cake mix. No eggs, no oil, no water, no sweat.

how to: rainbow cake!
The action shots weren’t too thrilling. Now we measure it.
how to: rainbow cake!
I’m going to round to
30 oz
60 oz because I have six colours and isn’t that just too convenient? It worked out to
3/4 c
1.5 c per colour, measurementwise. So I divvied that up and used my gel colours.
how to: rainbow cake!
(the gel colours, while not as good as pigment dye, are much bolder than the very liquidy food colouring you probably grew up with)
how to: rainbow cake!
The first colour you drop into the pan, use about 2/3 of the mix for that colour. Otherwise, the top (last) colour will really dominate. I used a heaping
1/4 c
1 cup of each colour.
how to: rainbow cake!
Drop the colors, one by one, into the pan, in neat concentric-ish set. Remember the cake will be sliced ​​in the side there, so mixing it around on top of the slices will not make you any more psychedelic (trust me, I did a three-dimensional thinking for you already).

If you're in three colors, start doing the opposite with the other pan. Because I'm going to be a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, I got from red to yellow in the pan first, then purple, blue, green in two. This is so that your two pans are equal if the measurement is not precise (and they are not possible).
how to: rainbow cake!
Now finish up.
how to: rainbow cake!
Follow the box’s baking instructions and do your dishes.
how to: rainbow cake!
Such lovely dishes!
Now for the frosting:
1 box
2 boxes of fat free sugar free pudding mix, and
8 oz
16 oz (two of the 8 oz tubs pictured) of fat-free whipped topping. Or sugar-free. Or light. Or regular. They’re all pretty much the same. But that’s it.
how to: rainbow cake!
Holy shit, the cake’s done! Toothpick clean and everything! Get that shit out of the oven!!!
how to: rainbow cake!
The purple top kind of made a little turkey silhouette.
how to: rainbow cake!
The frosting will be a little tough to spread, so treat it like a buttercream (I guess, I’ve never frosted a cake with buttercream). Putting gobs all over, then smoothing in worked well for me.
how to: rainbow cake!
And look at that thing! It’s so pretty-lookin.
how to: rainbow cake!
Here’s what this particular cake looked like. See how it’s tiny and too rounded and it kind of isn’t all that great? That’s because I didn’t double the recipe. It’s a mistake I’ll only make once.
how to: rainbow cake!
Here’s what that really should look like: same process, twice the batter.
Sunny Day Rainbow Cake
2 boxes white cake mix
24 oz of clear diet soda (2 cans, ginger ale and sprite work well)
gel food colouring
16 oz whipped topping
2 oz instant fat-free sugar-free pudding mix (2 smallish boxes)
The Dieting
Periodic follow the instructions of the box, mix the cake mix and soda. Later it will be lumpy. Again, be able to use a white cake recipe you want, this is just the way I do it.

This Rainbowing

(In my estimate, 64 oz.) To measure the total amount, then divide by 6 and measure into another bowl. Because the 8 oz cup, 1 cup + 2 tablespoons have 64 = 10 to 11 oz or 6 minutes.

Mix a color to each bowl with a spoon in a human. Bread, a major 2/3 (about 1-C is, in this case) for the first color of the mix on March 4, close to the center as possible. Degradation of the color of your first three is working on another pot of colors and then three. Since you are doing if the order of the rainbow, the first pan, now enters the yellow, into the second pot, you must have purple, blue, green, orange, red. In summary, this is for both layers is approximately the same size.

However, bake a cake for a long box to indicate that the burn. Say, but when the box is checked, usually is the density of the soda method, you will need a 5 or 10 minutes or more for more. Check back every 5 minutes, just until it is clean or to keep baking, toothpick in the center out. Let cool completely before transferring to wire rack.


In the meantime, make your frosting. Mix the pudding mix in the whipped topping just a few minutes. If you are coloring it to do.

Frost with whipped cream frosting in your fat-free fat-free cake. I eat.

(After 1 week) an editing

The child was not harmed in production and consumption of this cake. People seem to have missed the point that women 25 years old without children I diet. Children and do not need to be either non-fat really, if you do not like for one month what, do not have a dinner for them every night, your ideas, if you do not like the dye of soda need to use the recipe is not available. Well, everyone, thank you for the release allowance.

EDIT 2 (after 2 weeks)

: Weight Watchers (not a diet, people of the company) Notes to

I long, one of the cake mix and diet soda as I do not know why I say that you said they were "Packaging". The cup cake of one-point "nutrition" to the information, it is this case is WW / We advertise the 12, 3G No, there is no cupcake does not have this only 170 calories, fats and fiber. . . In my calculations, is 4 points. , And, on January 12 of this recipe will work in part to say 10 points (with whipped topping mix the pudding mix of about + 2 + 2 oz 16 oz box). Do not think is worth 14 points and bad cake. 3 [edit] (after 2 months)


I have a question I get more information about this cake here. I need to to answer the e-mail about it no further. These questions are applied to the cake so, responsibility for your epic fails I do not have.

OMG I bake the cake!

As long as the next time, do not burn.

I was stuck to the pan cake!

Grease your pan better next time.

I was stuck to the pan cake will be destroyed / undercooked / burnt /. What am I to use the food coloring?

No, food coloring, and failure of your cake has nothing to do. You are, of / didn burn t 't is / didn quite fat' in front of the length, it was cool enough to move baked too long /.

I made this for a child, I will be able to use a non-diet soda for this cake?

You are, I think you do not need more sugar I really want your children are not saved much in the way of calories, and certainly, do not know why. Appointment, just think the same thing, I make a regular cake, put the food coloring to it.

If I did not do it with soda, or will it run color?

No, actually, as I always say, please use your favorite cake recipe just hell. , Please. Part of the rainbow, and Weight Watchers has nothing to do.

Matte, it is very thick!

Yes, I have already purchased Duncan Hines frosting tub as a backup plan.

Cake, it has collapsed!

You are allowed to cool before moving it, but more importantly, please do not about extortion.

I do not like this cake is done blech!

You can do the diet can not be, I do not know why bother to make a meal of cake.

I made do not understand, the cake the next two, then put on top of each other?

Is called Yes, this is a layer cake, you are all about cake was built in the same way just buy at the grocery store.

However, I do not need the food coloring *.

Well, you read this wasted your time, right?

I saw this really the way I hate, to steal the idea of ​​Something Awful Corvo Spoons, and the thread of rainbow cake.
I also too bad fellow, I am. In fact, I posted my original rainbow cake there. If you do not know and I want to see a rainbow cake hojillion, a rainbow cheesecake, please check the thread to put this on my radar and I are talking about.