Monday, July 30, 2012

Colors of the Rainbow are all around us

Colors are great inspiration and influence society in psychology, human.

Color, you can set a particular mode or trends and, to inspire us to influence our mood.

Happy rainbow colors are the colors known to the human eye.

Rainbow is the most natural phenomenon has fascinated us for centuries

Result of the variance of the bias is identified as the spectrum of the purple color of the rainbow appeared in the sky opposite red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and the sun like drops of rain and fog in the sun

Yellow color of red, orange and is one of the happy

Yellow occurs we happy, orange, when we are very uplifting, feel the positive, red is alive the spirit and passion. Sedation to facilitate life, all shades of green, nature, new growth, and very soothing and. Since there is always after the rain storm of the night sky is blue, blue is the color fidelity. Reminds me of the color of the flowers of pink, we make you feel comfortable and happy with the warm indigo, or purple

Many designers, which is why they have to select a color so careful, how we are dependent on the color

Color is without them, life is a driving force is very tedious, it will not be very attractive to us in life

I hope the next time you're trying to buy another black dress, say that I think

Let the colors of the rainbow to force you to drive until the next time.